Girls 4 Girls Shed More Light

Dec 16, 15 Girls 4 Girls Shed More Light
Last week, posters were being put up on the walls. Every posters has the slogan that read “Girls for girls.” The only information that can be taken is the name and when they meet, which is at the first half of lunch every Thursday. So what is this… girls for girls? Brittany Corcoran got asked to answer questions that would hopefully provide more information.


So what is Girls for girls? A cult? A club? A sorority?
Girls for Girls is a club/organization here at JMH which was created to empower women and girls locally and internationally. We plan to help girls over in Africa and other countries similar by raising money for all female latrines and sending young girls to school. Locally we are going to work with the Emergency Care Centre for Women to sponsor a family for Christmas and send them care packages with necessities and such in them.
Who came up with the name?
The name was a group decision.
Who are allowed to join? Since the club name is “Girls for Girls”, is it only girls who can join? 
Although I’m all for equality and I’d love for anyone  to join. Though sometimes guys can’t be around especially since we work with the Emergency Care Centre for Women and that’s a safe spot for them to be away from men.
Do you gals have a goal?  
Our goal is to make a difference in the long run; we want to teach girls about the things that happen in the real world since so many are uneducated about so much.
What was your motivations for creating this club? Why did you decide to create the club? 
I wanted to create the club after I realized many girls don’t know or don’t understand a lot of the things in life that could happen to them so we plan on making awareness posters in the future as well.
Since the posters were just up last week, did this just start a week ago? 
This club started about a month ago or longer the reason we didn’t broadcast it yet was because it was just getting started and we wanted a foundation to get the club running and find people to be involved to help make posters to let other people know this club exists.