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Kat’s Talk With An Exchange Studen...

Kat’s Talk With An Exchange Student Posted by on Jan 11, 2016

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Desks Posted by on Dec 16, 2015

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Cat Shack Merchandise & Prices!

Cat Shack Merchandise & Prices! Posted by on Dec 13, 2013

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JMH Culinary Cafe

JMH Culinary Cafe Posted by on Mar 24, 2015

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Kat’s Talk With An Exchange Student

Jan 11, 16 Kat’s Talk With An Exchange Student

Posted by in Audio News Some people doesn’t interact with any of the exchange student because maybe they’re simply shy and awkward. Knowing an exchange student is pretty great since you get to be friends with them – someone from...

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Kat’s Talk About Debate

Dec 16, 15 Kat’s Talk About Debate

Posted by in Audio News Listen to Kat’s talk to get more information about the debate club. Victoria graciously accepted the interview and answered some basic questions about the club.

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Dec 16, 15 Desks

Posted by in News Article

Oh, desks. They are some of the most important items in a school, and are necessary for students to have a sufficient space to do their work. If there were no desks, where would we put our books? But as this is my third year here at JMH, I have noticed some flaws with the way these wooden creatures stand. Most people will agree that...

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Christmas is Near, the Holiday is Here!

Dec 16, 15 Christmas is Near, the Holiday is Here!

Posted by in News Article

Finally it’s December, the month everyone waits for. The snow and crisp weather gets people in the Christmas spirit but that’s not all, there’s so many things that lead up to the annual event for many on December 25. First of all one of the first things people do is decorate their houses starting off with Christmas lights and...

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Parade of lights

Dec 16, 15 Parade of lights

Posted by in News Article

It’s finally December! Which means Christmas! This Friday, to kick of the Christmas festivities in Miramichi, we are having our annual parade of lights in Chatham. There will be lots of local businesses with pretty decorated floats giving out candy and playing music. Although it’s getting cold out, everyone should still come out...

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Drama Crew – What they do

Dec 04, 15 Drama Crew – What they do

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‎When a play is on, the spotlight are always on the actors. However there’s always people in the background working in order to complete the play.  The drama crew contributes a huge part in every play. Questions were prepared and Kristen Trevors who is a member of the crew for years answered the questions.   What’s...

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School Attendance Time

Dec 04, 15 School Attendance Time

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The dreaded Monday morning approaches every teenager, whether you’re 13 or 18 it’s the beginning of another five day week. I’ll be addressing a topic I’ve had an issue with over the years, in university and your career you have the ability to choose what time to wake up in the morning. Of course this...

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