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How To Make Snickerdoodles

How To Make Snickerdoodles Posted by on Apr 4, 2013

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Three questions for high school graduate...

Three questions for high school graduates Posted by on Mar 22, 2015

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How to be a player for the QMJHL

How to be a player for the QMJHL Posted by on Mar 23, 2015

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Bathurst High turns “me” into “we”...

Bathurst High turns “me” into “we” Posted by on Mar 22, 2015

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Deadly deadline of graduation

Apr 22, 13 Deadly deadline of graduation

Posted by in Local News

The hours seem to be ticking by fast yet it seems more like months for the graduating classes. Many students are cramming their class work as much as they can with report cards coming trying to keep those grades up.  But is all that hard work paying off? Or are students finally giving up? The answer remains a mystery unless you...

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Asura’s Wrath Review

Apr 18, 13 Asura’s Wrath Review

Posted by in Review

Asura’s Wrath is a cinematic game with some action beat’em up and other miscellaneous elements thrown in. It was released in 2012 and developed by Capcom. The story takes place in a nation called Shinkoku and is ravaged by creatures called the Ghoma monsters that attack the humans that populate the land. The protectors of...

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Bro-nies At BHS

Apr 04, 13 Bro-nies At BHS

Posted by in Review

Cute, bubbly, colorful…I’m talking about ponies. My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic (also known as MLP generation 4) is an adaptation of the original My Little Pony series, produced by Hasbro Studios in the United States.  Shows such as these usually attract an audience of young children, yet in this case a large percentage of...

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The hockey life of Mason McDonald

Jan 18, 13 The hockey life of Mason McDonald

Posted by in Profile

McDonald is a goalie for the Acadie Bathurst Titan team. He has been playing hockey since he’s been 4 years old. Who would have thought he would be where he’s at today.  McDonald has proven he could make the team as a 16 year old and now he’s proving he can handle the play. He has a record of 2-3-2 and save percentage of...

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He Shoots, He Scores!

Jan 18, 13 He Shoots, He Scores!

Posted by in Sports

For the second year in a row, Bathurst High School is having a ball hockey tournament. For those of you who don’t know, the round robin ends January 14th and the playoffs start right after that. Although the tournament is all in good nature, some of the players take it very seriously. The ball hockey tournament started last year...

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New school culture for BHS in the making

Jan 18, 13 New school culture for BHS in the making

Posted by in General News, Local News

You may have recently seen a group of teachers walking around looking throughout the school and asking students some questions about how they would like to improve our school. Although most of the student body will tell a teacher that they love everything about the school, there still are some students who do think there is a...

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Co-op Helps Students Make Their Final Decisions

Dec 07, 12 Co-op Helps Students Make Their Final Decisions

Posted by in General News

Cooperative Education commonly known as “Co-op” is available at Bathurst High School for the potential graduates.   This course provides two academic credits towards graduation.  The students must hand in their resume to the teacher and have a good attendance before getting accepted.  The students are able to choose the...

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