Photoshop Perfect

Jun 01, 15 Photoshop Perfect

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In the rapid world of technology, the media and body image are closely related now more than ever. The advertisements on social media, TV and magazine’s influence how we as teens view ourselves. Even though, the people on the advertisements are altered to look more appealing, the problem is that customers endorse money into...

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Hope is all you need

Apr 22, 15 Hope is all you need

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The “hope” in Savannah Hope Simmons really lives up to her name. She is a strong individual whose life struggles shaped her into the woman she is today. Simmons has gained the knowledge that giving up is a sign of defeat and to overcome anything, all that’s needed is a title bit of hope. Growing up, Simmons had a...

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That’s so gay is so yesterday

Mar 22, 15 That’s so gay is so yesterday

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Homophobia, a word we may have thought wouldn’t affect Bathurst High School; however, many students of all grades still face the problem of bullying, name calling and phrases such as “that’s so gay.” We as the people of Bathurst can clearly see that this act of hate crime is not the right path we want the future leaders of...

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