A Journey of a Junior Firefighter

Jun 02, 15 A Journey of a Junior Firefighter

~Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the hearts~ Elizabeth Andrew

Being a volunteer firefighter in your community is a huge responsibility.  Many people are counting on you to be there during an emergency.  Many young children want to become firefighters when they’re older; however, they don’t know what they’re getting themselves into.  Many of those children that become young adults aren’t aware that they can get involved when they’re sixteen years old.  Volunteer firefighters play a very important role in small communities without being paid  and drop everything just because they want to help out.  This is why young adults should get involved, because they can see how it feels to be a volunteer firefighter and how much respect they get.

Andrew Knowles who is 18 years old is now a certified volunteer firefighter in Salmon Beach.  He has been part of the New Bandon Salmon Beach Fire Department for three years.  Part of his time was spent here as a junior which was two and a half years; he moved up with flying colors as a certified volunteer for not even a year.  The New Bandon Salmon Beach Fire Department is a small, however, strong fire department of a little over twenty members.

Salmon Beach is located just a little over 20 minutes outside of Bathurst.  It’s known for it’s amazing view of the beach as well as farmland.  When asked what Knowles enjoyed about his community he responded with,

“Fighting fires, I love it.”

Level one firefighting is something that a volunteer firefighter should have when they become part of a fire department.  This contains both theory and practical lessons.  As well as at the end of the course, they have a book activity area that they have to sign off the things that they were able to do.  This is to be completed at their own volunteer fire department.

There are certain things that you can do which would be looking at equipment, learning what they do and responding to calls and doing the  smaller things in scenes.  Some of the things that they’re unable to do is maintain dangerous power tools without the correct education, responding to calls and being put into a dangerous situation.

“It made me think about safety a lot more.”

Being a volunteer firefighter has many advantages and disadvantages to it especially when you’re a junior.  Some of them would be that you’re still in school and education must come first before anything.  Even though you’re part of the team you still have limited things that you are able to do.  When you’re out in public you have to make sure that you maintain a positive attitude so that it won’t come back to your fire department if you have a negative one.  Sometimes when calls come in you have to drop what your doing to try and find someone to drive you there.  However an advantage to being on a fire department is that you realize that you are stronger then you actually are as well as gain friendships that will last a lifetime.

“Helping the community and I like every part of it.”

After young teenagers read this they may become interested in becoming a junior firefighter.  It’s an amazing group to be involved with and there are so many things to look forward to as well as becoming part of your community.  Many teenagers are probably unsure where to go to join this wonderful group.  The best way is to contact the fire department members or the fire chief.

“Come try it out, because I surely did.”

Volunteer firefighters are just like you and I.  They serve their community proud as a strong and powerful group.  Even though it can be dangerous, it can make many people have so much respect for them.  Joining a volunteer fire department at a young age is amazing.  You will gain so much respect for both the people around you and from your community.  Wouldn’t that be an amazing feeling to know that you are part of it?

~Hero; an ordinary person facing, extraordinary, circumstances and acting with courage, honor, and self-sacrifice~.