Photoshop Perfect

Jun 01, 15 Photoshop Perfect
In the rapid world of technology, the media and body image are closely related now more than ever. The advertisements on social media, TV and magazine’s influence how we as teens view ourselves. Even though, the people on the advertisements are altered to look more appealing, the problem is that customers endorse money into these products to feel more beautiful in their own skin. Beauty is deeper then what’s on the outside, we as teens should not be so oblivious on the fact of the matter or lose touch on reality; we are all beautiful in our own way.
With the amount of stress teens face every day with either their personal or school life it doesn’t seem fair to have them worry about the social media pushing products aimed directly towards them. Products that are detrimental to your health or have major side effects try and use propaganda skills to make a few dollars. The advertising for both men and women affect us teens in ways where we want to have the perfect body. We are brainwashed to believe you must be beautiful to be happy, when simply that’s not the case. Of course, there are many other things that influence our body image; parenting, education, intimate relationships, yet the media has the biggest impact.
Kari Frenette a grade 12th student at BHS stated, ” The media affects me because every commercial on TV is either for beauty products or a gimmick to lose weight, and it makes me view myself negatively because I know I can never look like the people in the commercials, nobody can.”
Are we in an era of in-your-face market schemes by giving the media the satisfaction that we view ourselves as a work in process? Do we all have low self-esteem or are the pretty pictures of America’s next top model make us feel guilty of the junk food we ate last night? In the world we live in it’s hard not to feel pressured to look better, or even in extreme cases completely change who we are.
The problem teens face with body image in the media will still be unresolved unless more people including the youth take a stand and say that “yes, you are beautiful regardless of the shape, size or form of your body!” We are all humans and it shouldn’t matter what social media, TV or even magazines brainwash us to believe what beauty is. Real beauty is loving yourself, being happy in your own skin and nobody should take that from you!