A Journey of a Junior Firefighter

Jun 02, 15 A Journey of a Junior Firefighter

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~Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the hearts~ Elizabeth Andrew Being a volunteer firefighter in your community is a huge responsibility.  Many people are counting on you to be there during an emergency.  Many young children want to become firefighters when they’re older; however, they don’t...

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Photoshop Perfect

Jun 01, 15 Photoshop Perfect

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In the rapid world of technology, the media and body image are closely related now more than ever. The advertisements on social media, TV and magazine’s influence how we as teens view ourselves. Even though, the people on the advertisements are altered to look more appealing, the problem is that customers endorse money into...

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The Mental Health Crisis in Perspective

Jun 01, 15 The Mental Health Crisis in Perspective

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Recently in the news, the controversial subject of mental health on university campuses has taken the spotlight. Students are stepping up and reaching out to talk about mental illness in a school setting. Unfortunately, the consensus is this: schools nationwide are lacking in resources and awareness. They are simply not well enough...

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