The Magic of Music Memory

Apr 22, 15 The Magic of Music Memory

In the halls of Bathurst High School they’re usually quiet during study block.  Many students are plucking away at their homework and trying to focus on their education.  However in one specific classroom that’s not the case.  The Music Memory Group are found here doing something that nobody else can explain. This is something that has a huge impact on our community as well as our school.

Megan Hodnett is a student from Bathurst High School.  She’s either focusing on her grades or she’s participating in the various activities such as softball, swimming, helping with the musical and most importantly the Music Memory group.  When asked why she joined this group her responce was, “I liked seeing the joy that the music brings in the retirement homes.”

Music Memory is a group that brings many students together.  They interact with many seniors and understand how music is a big part of their past lives.  Hodnett’s music class was asked to participate in the project.  Soon enough Mrs. Cindy Doucet, a teacher at Bathurst High, made it into an official club for the school.  When asked how many students were involved she replied, “there are about 12 members and they are always asking for more to join.”

The activity is held regularly at study block in Mrs. Doucet’s room. Many of the students that are in the group get together and talk about what they should do with the music and how they should approach the seniors home.  When asked how to go through this process Hodnett made it sound so easy.

“We take old MP3 players and then the group members go to the seniors home.  When we get there, students are assigned to a senior and talk about what kind of music they like.  After that students come back to the school and put the music on the MP3 players.”

This is something that the group was taught to do since day one. They all know how to do it.  Hodnett also talked about how they put music on the MP3 players which was very interesting and quite easy to do.  They go on YouTube and find the music, afterwards they copy and paste it onto a YouTube converter and save it onto their MP3 players.

” While we are adding the music, we number the MP3 players and then assign each senior with a number” she added.

It takes a couple of days to put the requested songs on the MP3 players.  When they’re finished they bring all of them back to the seniors home and give them to the seniors.

When asked about her favorite experience, Hodnett replied, “When we put the earphones on the seniors with the songs that they used to listen to it’s magical.  No matter what their condition is there is a connection with the song and immeditly their eyes light up and they ask for more.”

Brittany Gray who is also a student from Bathurst High school and a member of the Music Memory group explains that Hodnett gives it her all and is a big part of the Music Memory program.

“Megan’s participation is excellent. She is 100% committed to our project.”

Music Memory is one of the best programs that BHS has to offer.   Some of the student’s aren’t aware of this program.  When asked what she thinks this group will hold for the future she said, ” I think this group will last a long time as long as people are willing to give it a try.  Within the two years that I have been with the Music Memory group there hasn’t been a single student who has left the retirement home without a huge smile across their face as well as amazing memories that will last a life time.”


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  1. Jeff MacQuarrie /

    So VERY proud and happy that this group has continued at BHS and there are new members getting involved to help people in our our community who suffer from mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease. My own mother is in progressive stages of this disease and she too has an MP3 player with familiar music that she loves to listen to on a regular basis. Keep up the good work and thank you for featuring an article on this! Good job!