The accident that affected her but didn’t stop her

Apr 22, 15 The accident that affected her but didn’t stop her

After having the opportunity of interviewing Shannon Frere, a student who is currently in grade 12 at Bathurst High School, I was able to gain some knowledge about an emotional event that occurred in 2012. Without a doubt, the loss of her mother hit her and her family hard.

Frere explained that she first heard about her mother’s accident on October 8th, 2012. Her older sister Tabatha had called her and explained what happened. The moment she heard the devastating words she instantly took her phone and threw it on the floor. Not being able to speak, she was in complete shock. The following day, sadly Frere read the news on Facebook stating that her mother had passed away. Her first instinct was to cry, she wasn’t sure what to do with the emotions running through her head.

“I didn’t want to believe it, it wasn’t real.”

Frere’s family hosted a get together so her family could mourn over her mother’s passing. It was harder on Frere and her younger siblings because they were closer to their mom. She felt sad seeing everyone considering the circumstances.

Frere’s family also hosted a fundraiser to help Frere and her sister be reunited with their family in Calgary. When she arrived in Calgary by plane with her cousins and sister Frere stated, “It felt like it was going to take forever to get there, we were on the plane overnight. We arrived at the Toronto airport the next day then had to take another plane to Calgary. It was almost 2 days.”

The burial took place in Calgary on September 4th, 2013. While being in Calgary her little sister wanted her to move back but Frere quoted, “I didn’t want to move back because I like New Brunswick too much and I don’t want to leave all of my friends.”

When returning to BHS after the funeral, everyone was very comforting and friendly towards Frere.

“Mr. Daley gave me a hug when I first saw him. The teachers understood why I wouldn’t be able to do any intensive work. They were all very understanding.”

Frere was still able to concentrate on her schooling; however, it was hard for her. There were some days where she was able to concentrate and other’s where it was harder. Frere was asked if it was hard to make decisions or fall asleep at night knowing her mother wasn’t there. Frere stated, “Sometimes it feels like she’s still here, just faraway.”

In the fall Frere will be attending NBCC in Miramachi for Early Childhood Education. When asked her why she chose this course she explained, “My passion for looking after children is what inspired me.”



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