How to be a player for the QMJHL

Mar 23, 15 How to be a player for the QMJHL

To be a player in the Quebec Major Junior League you have to show a lot of hard work and character as a kid. All kids around Canada want to be one of those players when they grow up, it’s a dream for the kids who love hockey because the QMJHL is one of the best junior leagues. Kids who work really hard, will achieve their dreams.

Riley Pickard, 16years old, the player of the Acadie-Bathurst Titan said: “It’s a great expierence for me to play in this league at my age. It was my dream when I just started to play hockey. I started to play hockey when I was 5 years old since then I was chasing my dream and I got it.”

The whole purpose of the league and its teams is to particapate in the development of young players aged 16 to 20, and to make them progress towards the higest level of professional hockey. Also, the QMJHL wants to make sure that the players benefit from the program by encouraging optimal development on physical and mental attributions while continuing a top-quality academic education that allow the players to go on studying normally after their hockey career in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

Jordan Maher, 16 years old, a player for the Acadie-Bathurst Titan, who got  the award of “Student of the Month” at Bathurst High School said: “It’s a great program of education that I can get my diploma and education during a career in the QMJHL. When we have games away we always keep up our school work in the bus or hotel. You never know what’s going to happen in your hockey career.”

Playing a professional sport is a thing that you never know what is ahead of you, so it means that you can’t forget about your education because if you get a big injury and you don’t have an education, you will have no place to go to work. We live in a world that you always need an education. To achieve your goals in your life, you have to work hard for your dreams and when you achieve don’t stop!