Cosmetic Commotion

May 24, 13 Cosmetic Commotion

“Students discuss adolescents and makeup use, what it means to them, and their opinions.”

Lipstick, liner, shadow, powder, the list goes on.  With every month comes new products in the world of cosmetics, and with it, eager female customers.  You could say that it’s part of our culture, or a way to feel socially accepted, but makeup users all around the world relate to it on a much more personal level.

“Whoever said girls need makeup to be beautiful was the devil in disguise” Stated Troy Duguay of grade 11.

A large amount of men agree that women appear more attractive without makeup, but most women ignore this and continue to apply their favorite products.  This in itself is proof enough that women do not apply cosmetics solely for the attraction of the opposite sex.

“I don’t think they should have an opinion.  It’s not their body, it’s not their face.  Women aren’t there for them.” Explained Morgan Sewell, grade 12 student.

In a world with many advertisements in the media showing beautiful and successful women wearing makeup, it’s hard not to fall on the band wagon.  Yet if an individual is seen wearing too many products they are labeled as fake or cheap. On the other hand, if someone is seen not wearing any makeup at all, they may be labeled lazy, or unkempt.  Some women view it as a part of their daily ritual, and others view it as an art form. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in the end it’s a personal choice to wear any cosmetics or not.

“I love makeup, it’s one of my favorite ways to distress.” Says L, a grade 12 student, “After a long day, I know I can come home and paint on a new face.  It’s amazing how different you can look with a dab of lipstick or a swish of that mascara wand.   It’s not just something I do to look good.  For me it’s a hobby.”