Keep calm, sigh no more, and cry Babel

May 14, 13 Keep calm, sigh no more, and cry Babel

babelFrom their ever recognizable folk roots with the crooning voice of Marcus Mumford that form the sounds that make even the most reluctant want to throw an impromptu hoe-down, it comes as no surprise that Mumford and Sons has had no problem navigating and riding the mainstream music wavelengths since their debut in 2009.

Mumford and Sons, composed of four English gentlemen, released their first album titled Sigh No More in 2009.  The group consists of frontman, Marcus Mumford; banjo player, Winston Marshall; keyboardist, Ben Lovett; and guitarist, Ted Dwane. With showstoppers like The Cave and Little Lion Man, the band were propelled into instant stardom with Grammy nominations  in 2010 for “Best New Artist” and “Best Rock Song”.

With Sigh No More’s gaining popularity, the boys found their way into the hearts of many, earning them an ever rapidly growing fanbase.  The foursome’s foot-stomping tracks ignited the long lost folk lover in millions with the strumming of Winston Marshall’s banjo and choirboy like harmonies that make even the most frigid of hearts melt.

Not only did they win over the hearts of commoners, but many famous musicians alike. The band even found themselves featured alongside Bob Dylan at the 2011 Grammy Awards, sparking even more recognition for the lads that would follow them into the release of their 2012 showstopper, Babel.

Filled with many of the familiar sounds found in its predecessor, Babel’s tracks pack a punch from beginning to end. Many of the songs on the album ring true in classic Mumford fashion, with edgier chances taken here and there. Chart stopper “I Will Wait” propelled the band into the peak of billboards all over the globe with its foot-stopping, evangelical melody.

Even the less recognizable tracks on the album can still be said as being otherworldly. With Broken Crown, the infamous, emphasized ‘F-bomb’ first emitted in Little Lion Man is dropped once more, and the lyrics of Lovers’ Eyes take on an almost religious quality.

Undeniably, the band will be around for many years to come. With a fan-base so devout and growing, it’s hard to imagine that the tour sellouts will be stopping what they love to do, and what we love to hear, anytime soon.