Spotlight on Science Skills Documents

Spotlight on Science Skills documents have been added to the STEMNorth site.  You can find these resources for your respective grade level under the assessment tab on the menu bar.

Spotlight on Science Skills are documents developed to show the expectations of each key science skill and how it should be assessed in each specific grade level.

ASD-N Regional STEM Fair Dates

ASD-N Elementary STEM Fair

April 8, 2015 at Gretna Green Elementary School (9am-12pm)

Open to all k-5 students in ASD-N

Registration Closed

Two new planning resources have been added to the STEM Resources tab.

STEM Fair – Student Planning Sheets – 2015

Science Skills – Whole Class Intro – Experiment

These documents are expanded/edited version of others resources.  They have been expanded to mirror the entire process that students go through.

Planning for STEM Fair

Planning a STEM Fair Project

Its that time of year again…just like Christmas shopping, the earlier you start the less stress you have.  The Planning Committee is working on specific dates and venues for our ASD-N Regional Fairs, once these get confirmed communication will be sent out.  In the past, our events have taken place in March, we are working with the same parameters this year.

Below are some resources that have been available to teachers in ASD-N in the past along with some new ones.  Take a look at them and takes bits and pieces of them or take an entire document, whatever makes the planning in your school/classroom environment easiest.

Presentation for teachers – Planning a Science Fair –  PDF

Breaking the Planning Process Down…

The best way for students to get comfortable with the STEM Project process is to break it down into smaller more manageable tasks.  Use this booklet of worksheets to guide the process, but feel empowered to make them your own, keeping the levels of your students in mind.  This package does come translated in French and allows for different types of investigations with modifications to the science process skills based on the type of project.

Initiating and Planning

Middle Level Documents –  Planning Our Experiment – Level 2 Middle Level PDF    Planning Our Experiment – Level 2 Middle Level  MS Word

Elementary Documents –  Planning Our Experiment – Level 1 Elementary PDF        Planning Our Experiment – Level 1 Elementary MS Word

These two documents highlight the planning phase for students.  Providing scaffolds to identify a Big Idea, breaking the idea down into components (Variables) and identifying the parameters to which they will test.  Then students write their question and create Prediction/Hypothesis.

Full Project Planning Documents with Rubrics and Teachers Notes

These documents can be used in conjunction with or independent from the previous planning documents.  The purpose of these documents is to outline all the science process skills that students typically do with STEM experiments.  Students documents (worksheet) and a teachers guide for the skills is provided as well

Primary (k-3) Science – k-3 STEM and Science Project Planning Guide PDF

Elementary Science – Grades 4 and 5 STEM and Science Project Planning Guide PDF

Middle Level Science – Middle Level Open Inquiry Science Project Planning Guide PDF

Traditional Science Fair Planning Documents (Middle Level) Bilingual

These documents have both a french and English version.  They go through the logical planning process for students.  They do a great job of showing the difference between an investigation, innovation and a case study.

Planning a Science Fair – Documents PDF

Planning a Science Fair – Documents MS Word

Science Lesson Guides

What is a Science Lesson Guide or SLG?

Science Lesson Guides were developed and piloted across ASD-N in 2013-2014. The intent of Science Lesson Guides is an integration of the prescribed Atlantic Canadian Science Curriculum, the Inquiry Learning resource packages developed by EECD and an additional series of investigation-based lessons developed at the district level that provides for teachers a comprehensive planning resource. Each grade has four science lesson guide packages, one for each of the curricular themes of that year. Each document is streamlined to facilitate planning based on the curricular strands in the Atlantic Canadian Science curriculum. Each of the EECD Inquiry packaged have been included in their entirety in the appropriate learning sequence, based on the order of the curricular strands. For all other strands, lesson activity overviews have been suggested. Aspects of Universal Design of Learning were given consideration throughout the packages.

To access your grade’s lesson guides, click on your grade level tab on the menu bar.

All Science Lesson Guides are in Draft, expect small grammatical, typo’s and layout errors.  The goal is to have all SLGs for grades 3-8 posted, edited and refined by the end of the 2014-2015 school year.

In addition to the current package, each SLG will be getting a Materials list of consumables and manipulatives and various assessment tracking forms.