My Favorite Place


My favorite place is at the barn with my horse Cody. I like to spend most of my free time there training and spending time with him. I’ve been riding horses for 13 years now and this place is like a second home to me.

.CodyCody and I

Hannah’s Favourite Place

So one of my favourite things to do around here when it is actually nice enough, is go to the beach. I basically live right across from one and my best friend has a cabin on another, so nearly all of my time home in the summer is spent at the beach. I believe it is the most gorgeous at night, when the sun begins to set. Therefore I love to spend my summer evenings just going to the beach and hanging out around a bonfire with friends.

PS: unfortunately, our beaches are still covered in snow right now so this is an old picture.sevec

My favorite place to be


My favorite place to be is the beach (the iced over area) when I get I sit around in the sun, go swimming, and look across the bay to admire the beautiful Appalachian mountains. It looks magnificent all year ’round, so even this time in the year, it still looks amazing, especially on the sunny afternoon that I took this photo on.


My favourite place

My favourite place is literally my back yard. I live on top of a hill / small mountain, so I can see everything for miles around. It really is a gorgeous place to be. If you look into the background of the picture you can see some mountains; that’s Quebec. IMG_20140426_095535

My favorite place in Dalhousie

My favorite place in Dalhousie would have to be Inch Arran Park. The park has great views of the Bay of Chaleur and it is always relaxing to sit on the rocks by the lighthouse in the summer and take in the amazing scenery of the area. Chaleur-Bay

Our favorite place in Dalhousie

So, Hailey and I really love to play soccer, so our favorite place in Dalhousie is our soccer field. We play during the school year season but we also play during the summer with a different team. It may not be the prettiest field but, it’s still fun to play on. 🙂





Katrina & Alexa’s favourite place in Dalhousie!

Hii 🙂 This is a post to show all of you in Alberta some of our favourite places in Dalhousie and surrounding areas. Katrina and I thought this would be pretty suiting for us aha

This is the really nice pool we have in town! 😀 Katrina and I work here as lifeguards, so we spend a lot of time here. It’s our favourite place simply because we love to swim!