Peacekeeping – Remembrance Day

Do some research on Canadian Peacekeeping missions.  Highlight in the blog the points that you think would be most important to share with the school.  Make sure that you are using valid sites – for example you may want to start with Wikipedia to give you an idea but then move on to the Canadian War Museum, the Armed Forces, the CBC archives and Veterans Canada sites.  Look for testimonials, poems, personal narrations about the experiences and the impact it has on the world.

Also add here what you think that you could contribute to the Remembrance Day ceremony whether it is a song, poster, skit, script, slide show or other…

Canada and the United Nations

What role, if any, should Canada play as peacekeepers in the world?  Do not necessarily advocate for the country that you researched.  Consider not only where Canada should go but also what role they should be playing there.  How much should be peace-keeping or can we move into peace-making?  How much of our role should be training?  Complete your own post and respond to two others.


Consider one of the ideas from the prejudice question sheet that you just did.  Explain why this question feels important to you.  Develop your ideas with examples and details (around 150 words).    Tomorrow, when others are done their posts, respond to at least two posts.  Remember this is a public forum so share what you feel comfortable sharing and stay respectful and honest.