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E-verything – A look at E-Technolo...

E-verything – A look at E-Technology by Jack Hawkins Posted by on May 15, 2012

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Cold prevention Tips

Cold prevention Tips Posted by on Feb 27, 2012

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The Final Article by Jack Hawkins

The Final Article by Jack Hawkins Posted by on Jun 12, 2012

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The Middle Eastern Powder Keg

The Middle Eastern Powder Keg The Middle East has been a flashpoint for multiple conflicts since the events of 9/11. There have been uprising’s in several countries of that region and much has changed, although many things have remained the same – dictatorships still dictating, the West still freely imposing itself on countries...

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The Bonar Law Food Drive by Jack Hawkins

Dec 05, 11 The Bonar Law Food Drive by Jack Hawkins

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Food Drive The Bonar Law Food Drive is an annual event that began two years ago. Last year Bonar Law added a “Battle of the Classes” element to give students extra incentive. All donations for the drive are brought in by the students and the staff. The staff members of this school and Eleanor Graham compete to win a trophy. The...

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Ask Faith Advice

Dear Faith   I am a different religions then everyone.  everyday I get made fun of on the bus and at lunch what should I do ?         Dear Anonymous I think you should go to a teacher or bus driver and tell them whats  going on because that is not right and should be...

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Pam Harrison, Helping Haiti

Oct 17, 11 Pam Harrison, Helping Haiti

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On Friday, Sept 23rd we got a visit from Pam Harrison. Pam works with Wasrag (a water and sanitation Rotarian action group) volunteering her time to go with a team to Haiti. To install Biosand water filtration systems to families, with unclean and infected water, the Biosand filtration systems are expensive one going at around one...

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Bengals’ Soccer Tournament this Weekend

Oct 04, 11 Bengals’ Soccer Tournament this Weekend

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This Friday and Saturday, our school will be hosting a soccer tournament this Friday and Saturday. The Boys’ team play MFR at 3PM and JMA at 4:30PM. The Girls’ then play the following day at 10AM and 1PM. Let’s look at how the Bengals stack up against MFR and JMA, MFR are coming off the back of a 2-0 victory over the Boys’...

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New Online School Paper

Oct 04, 11 New Online School Paper

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We have a brand new Bengals’ Roar page coming soon! Through the use of blogging software, we have been able to create a new Bengals’ Roar page which you, the student body can now comment on and give your own input! A massive thank you for creating the page goes out to the Bonar Law Journalism Club, and also to our marvelously...

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